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TheLadyDuckOfDoom’s Books of June

I have no idea if this will be the last book in the series, but Maker’s Curse by Trudi Canavan will arrive this week. I really liked The Black Magician’s Guild as a teen, and I enjoyed the previous novels in this series, too. I have to admit that I don’t remember much of the story except for magic created through creativity, worldhopping, angels not being angels, and some kind of magic and or clockwork toy. I hope the story will come back to me when I start reading. I think I can read probably anything by Adrian Tchaikovsky, so Firewalker will drop this week, too. The cover reminded me of Fahrenheit 451, but I don’t know much more.

American Demon will release this month, I will have to wait until it arrives, I guess at the start of July. I have hoped that Kim Harrison would return to The Hollows. I’m still trying to finish my own paperback collection of all previous novels, but I have read them all, and I really look forward to jumping back in. I’ve devoured the books since I was 13, when my mom put them into my shelf telling me it’s far better than Twilight. It is. Rachel, Jenks, Ivy and everyone else kick ass. If I were not suffering from a TBR explosion, I would start a re-read, but I would never finish in time.

I am still waiting for Aurora Burning by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. I did not like Aurora Rising as much as the Illuminae files, but it was enjoyable enough the order the second book as paperback. I have some thoughts on the predictability of the plot twists, and a hunch about what will be going on.

And then there is the mystery Buddyread which will be revealed later.

Currently, I am reading Bone Silence by Alistair Reynolds, the third book im his Revenger series. It has been waiting on my shelf since release, and I *finally* started it. I have a loose buddyread for The Ten Thousand Doors of January going on, but I only finished chapter one, so I don’t know if I will finish in time. On top of that, I have another buddyread with my boyfriend for Tchaikovsky’s Children of Ruin. He listens to the audiobook while driving, and I am trying to keep up. I think this weekend will finally be the time when I catch up to him!

Unfinished Business

Ever since Covid-19 hit our neck of the woods, my reading has been all over the place – it’s time to straighten some things out.

Back in March, working from home felt like an introvert’s dream come true. With around 90 unread books waiting for me on my shelves, it seemed like I’ve been preparing for a season of social distancing for all my life. I was highly motivated. It was finally time to tackle those daunting doorstoppers I’ve been putting off for some time. Ironically, my brain decided that Stephen King’s The Stand was an obvious choice. Or at least a really ironical choice, if we look at it like that. The writing is brilliant – well, it is a King novel – but it’s huuuuuuuuuge. I’m about halfway through, and I really need to make some headway on that. 

Non-fiction is something I’m more and more drawn to. But most of the time it’s not something you can sink into for hours on end. Right now I’m slowly making my way through Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, which should probably be considered required reading. Those essays really give you something to chew on. I’m reading one or two a day, and they will keep me occupied until the end of the month. 

I’ve started rereading V.E. Schwab’s Shades of Magic – Kell and Lila’s adventures are perfect as a comfort read. I’ve finished the first two books so far and I guess I’ll just keep going with the third one. 

Next up for my postal book club is Nationalstraße by Jaroslav Rudiš. I’m not familiar at all with Czech literature, but broadening my horizon is exactly what this book club is for. 

Last but not least – our monthly Sceptre Mystery New Release Remote Buddy Read (well, we probably need a shorter name for that). Who knows what our favorite bookshop chose this time, their last pick (Stephen King’s If It Bleeds) was excellent. 

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