Aurora Burning by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff.

My buddyread with TheLadyDuckOfDoom of the second book in the Aurora Cycle turned out as expected, we were both rather underwhelmed. Is it Middle Book Syndrome again? Or is it just the two of us, who think that the plot twists were obvious from light-years away, they seemed to wave their disruptor rifles, too. The two of us might also just have consumed too much Sci-Fi in our lives? Let’s just say, the ideas weren’t new. Chapter 28, for example, came as no surprise to either of us.

Things we both rolled our eyes about were Tyler’s “dimples that can explode ovaries at thirty meters” – Oh, really, we’re in the 24th century and haven’t given up on this sort of sexism? Also very annoying, the casual racism against Kal. Again, 24th century, do we have to call him a “Pixieboy”? And if so, why doesn’t anyone call his sister a ‘Pixiegirl’?

That said, just because the plot took obvious turns and there were the usual YA problems and tropes woven into it, the writing was good. Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman clearly know how to spin a yarn, tell a story, and make you laugh at stupid jokes and clever banter.

As is often the case I listened to the audiobook while reading the book, the narration was excellent. Kudos to the narrators!

3/5 Goodreads stars