Dev1at3 – the second book in the Lifel1k3 trilogy by Jay Kristoff.

Picking up the story where Lifel1k3 left off, we’re mainly following Lemon Fresh’s plotline in Dev1at3; other POV include Eve, Cricket, Ezekiel.

I’m not going to summarise the plot here, I might accidentally spill something that you are supposed to puzzle out for yourself. Let me just tell you, fights have to be fought, limbs are regrown/replaced and/or lost, circuits are fried, and we’re being left with a cliffhanger. The latter is not too tragic, the third book in the series, Truel1f3, has just been published.

This book was as expected: very predictable YA Sci-Fi. It might be due to ‘middle book’ syndrome. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the banter, the actual plot though… It was predictable so much so that at times I had the feeling some of the characters actually spoiled the upcoming twists themselves – well, they did, you just have to read (between the lines).

So, I’m moving on to Truel1f3, with lowered expectations.

3/5 Goodreads stars, because I can’t give it 2.5 stars.