Up Close & Personal by Kathryn Freeman, published June 12th, 2020, turns the gender roles around for a new twist.

Heartthrob Zac Edwards has a stalker and the film studio has decided he needs a bodyguard. Enter Kat Parker, the gorgeous woman, who had literally stumbled into Zac the night before at a studio party.

There is chemistry between the two, right from the start. But, of course, they can’t be together – the reasons why (he’s a job and she seems unqualified for it; she’s an ugly duckling and he’s gorgeous; they are both from the wrong side of the tracks, yada yada) made me strain my eyes rolling, and Zac’s backstory was also eyerollingly underdeveloped. Individually both main characters were good, but when they were together they were acting like angsty teenagers.

The idea behind this book was good, the execution of, though, could have benefited from less exaggerated drama and insta-love.

2.5/5 Goodreads stars (so that’ll be 3/5)