Kawaii Doodle World. Sketching Super-Cute Doodle Scenes with Cuddly Characters, Fun Decorations, Whimsical Patterns, and More by Pic Candle, Zainab Khan, publisher Quarto Publishing Group – Rock Point, publishing date: August 18th, 2020.

Pic Candle is a household name in my family, we’ve been following the YouTube videos of tiny cute drawings for felt ages. When I was approved for this ARC, I read it at once. Though, can you really read a book that shows you how to draw little mushrooms and stars and cactus and flowerpots?

You will learn how to draw the Pic Candle iconic doodles with pictured step-by-step instructions on how to draw a single cute doodle, as well as fill a whole page with cute clouds or donuts or office supplies.

Of course, I got itchy fingers and had to try to sketch a few cute doodles. Here’s what I came up with on a piece of scrap paper.

4/5 Goodreads stars