I have not read the Dominion of the Fallen series, but when I stumbled upon the Of Dragons, Feasts and Murders ARC, I had to request it to sample a bit more of Aliette de Bodard’s work. While her short story collection Of Wars, Memories, and Starlight sits on my shelf waiting to be read, this was a days read on my commute, where I usually read ARCs or lighter books.

I think this is perfectly readable even if you have not read the Dominion of the Fallen trilogy before. I do not know how important the romance is to these books, or if the characters here are the main characters in the triology, but these are the only things I would consider as spoiler. The characters are vivid and believable, the dragon court and its mystery engaging. I don’t know that much about the world this is set on, but I am curious.

Rating: I think I want to pick up all the other books in this series now.